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Written by سوشیانت   
Wednesday, 29 July 2009
 toos.jpg Mr. Toos Dehnadi 
was graduated  up  to HSC in tehran.iran.He was trained for building the coold storages at sabro of denmark and in Iran he made more than 50000 tons of  refrigeration cold storages .Mr dehnadi graduduated in india obtained Bsc in Mathematics and physics in 1979 and specialised in high vacuum technology and thin film depositinon.He did special courses in instrumentxtion at  faxbrow co. from u.s.a.He did the training for power plants in Edcel Electrical co. at bridgwater in bristol , u.k.from u.k. he was send to U.S.A  for higher training of  u.p.s. (uninteruptable power sgstem ) upto 1800 Exide Electronics at N.Carolina . He was based for critical plants in Middle east on behalf of Inco Electro Energy of u.s.a .on responce of ARAMCO in saudi arabia. then He returned to Iran in 1982. He was in chage of technical respounse of maintainance of Iran khodro car manufactoring compang . After that he invented the machinaries for water jet surgery .He manufactued air driers, Gas driers , Gas liguifiers and Mass seperators ( types of Refrigeration , Dessicant and membrain systems).His last production and invention is a machine  that pasturises or sterilizes agrofood in a closed system. the product gets dried in the same machine naturally without any use of chemicals or radioactives (such as gama raye or .....) maintain its  food quality. This system can be used for any food material in raw , cooked or partially cooked conditions for mass poduction .food grains , Nuts , potatoes , tomatoes and other vegetables treated by system can stand safely for few months to few years  at N.T.P  depending on the amount of water remained in the product and the system packaging . many fresh fruits maintain their freshness for few months , once treated with this sgstem.poisons such as Aflatoxins , Achrotoxins Micotoxins etc.can be controled or removed by this system.In near future we hope to get orders from you for shipping agro food products from iran according to h.a.c.c.p standard to any part of the world. All the best for you , Toos   Dehnadi
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